About Us

About Respect My Lane:

Simply put, cycling is incredible. It is good for your health, your mind, your spirit, your city, and your environment. Whether you cycle with friends on the weekend or are a die-hard commuter day in and day out, you know exactly what it is like to be on the roads with motorists around you. Most of the time cars can't even see you, you blend right in to the surroundings.  

Respect My Lane was formed out of the desire to increase the safety of those riding on city streets. Founded in Boston by an avid cyclist, Respect My Lane works closely with cyclists to design and manufacture apparel and accessories that meet the needs of the everyday city rider. We are just getting started and hope that you will join us on this journey! 

About the founder: 

The company was founded by Michael Algra, an avid cyclist, while studying at Harvard Business School for his MBA. Originally from Calgary, Canada, Michael is passionate about cycling and exposing more people to this world-changing activity. Some of Michael's recent (and more crazy) experience on the bike include:

  • Commuting year round through the icey winters of Canada on a 10-speed Norco
  • Touring across across Germany along the river Elbe on a mountain bike with a blown front fork
  • Importing a second-hand Specialized Hardrock into Madagascar and riding it with the locals
  • Buying a brand new $30 bike in Shantou, China and watching it rust in a matter or weeks
  • Riding along the beautiful western coast of Australia in Perth
  • Surviving the daily commute amongst Boston drivers from Brighton to the Harvard campus

Germany Touring